Safeguarding at Training & Matches

Safeguarding at Training

We’re responsible for players when they’re on the pitch

Players should line up by the pitch five minutes before the start of training, with their gum shields, shin pads, sticks and water. It would also be really helpful if players visit the bathroom before heading out on the pitch. Coaches are unable to accompany players to the toilet during training or matches. The Club is not responsible for any child who is on a pitch, (eg. before training starts) and has not obtained permission from a coach or Club official to be there.

Due to the number and age of our players we do not have the resource to supervise them whilst they are not on the pitch in training. Players left unsupervised in the Balcarras Pavilion or elsewhere off pitch, on all three sites, are left at your own risk.

Safeguarding at Matches


We’re lucky to have so many players turning out to represent the Club in matches.

Please remember that the Club is only responsible for your child whilst they are on the pitch. If you are not able to be present, please ensure that you have arranged for another adult to be responsible for your child in your absence. The team manager needs to be made aware of who is responsible for your child, in case of an emergency.