Match Selection

Hockey sticks in a circle on the ground

Our selection policy for competitive matches is clear and transparent

In order for the children to put into practice what they have learned during Friday night training, the Club enters the children into festivals and matches against other clubs.

There is no requirement for your child to partake in these matches and they are welcome to attend Friday night training only.  Please notify the Club Secretary if this is likely to be the case.

The U8s, 10s and 12s generally play seven a side hockey on half a pitch. There are several fun matches and non-competitive festivals organised throughout the season. These are generally played on a Sunday afternoon and are usually local. The Club may also enter some tournaments which are further afield. At the beginning of the season, the objectives for U8s, U10s and U12s is to give everyone who would like to play an opportunity to play. After Christmas team selection for U10s and U12s becomes more competitive as we look to select teams to represent the Club in the County Cup competition. 

The U14s play eleven a side hockey on a full pitch and most matches are on a Sunday afternoon and part of a league.  Travelling up to an hour away is not uncommon for this age group.

The manager for each team will endeavour to get in touch with you at least a fortnight ahead of each match to check your child’s availability to play. We do our best to give everyone a chance to represent the Club but please remember that we’re limited by the number of players in a team and any child not selected should be selected for the subsequent match if available. Should your child subsequently become unavailable to partake we ask that you advise the manager as soon as possible.

The Club enters teams into the In2Hockey Competition (U10s and U12s) and England Hockey National Club Championships (U14s). Players are selected by the coaching team from all players within a training group, with liaison with team managers, taking into account the following:

  •      Regular attendance at and attitude to training
  •      Previous match day performance, ability and availability
  •      Ability to work and play in a team
  •      Position on the pitch

The coaches make the final decision and their decision is final.

From time to time some players will be disappointed, especially since the size of the squad is pre-determined in the competition rules. We encourage the players themselves to ask their lead coach for feedback if they have not been selected. Coaches are also available at the end of the training session for brief conversations with parents.

Coaches are unable to respond to emails regarding match selection.