Code of Conduct for Parents and Spectators

Expected minimum standards of behaviour and conduct

All CJHC parents and spectators, will at all times:

1. Respect the spirit of fair play in hockey

This is more than playing within the rules. It also incorporates the concepts of friendship, respect for others and always participating with the right spirit.

1.1.  Focus on the young people’s efforts and enjoyment rather than winning or losing

1.2.  Teach young people that honest effort and teamwork are as important as victory, so the result of each game is accepted without undue disappointment

1.3.  Remember that people learn best by example. Appreciate good performances and skilful play by all participants

1.4.  Encourage people always to settle disagreements amicably without resorting to hostility or violence.

2. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of others

2.1.  Respect umpires, officials, coaches, players and spectators

2.2.  Respect the decisions of officials and teach young people to do the same

2.3.  Leave the coach to communicate with individual players on the field of play

2.4.  Show an appreciation for volunteers, coaches, managers and administrators – their efforts allow young people to be able to participate.  

2.5.  Conduct themselves in a manner that takes all reasonable measures to protect their own safety and the safety of others – inform the team coach, manager, captain or any of the CJHC Committee, of any new or changed injury, health or welfare issue which they consider is appropriate for them to know

2.6.  Promote the reputation of the sport and take all possible steps to prevent it from being brought into disrepute – remember that young people participate in sport for their enjoyment, not yours

2.7.  Protect others involved in the game from verbal or physical abuse and threatening or intimidating behaviour – never ridicule or admonish a young person for making a mistake or losing a competition

2.8.  Protect others involved in the game from verbal or physical abuse and threatening or intimidating behaviour

2.9.  Never use inappropriate language and gestures – support all efforts to remove bad or abusive language and unsporting behaviour

CJHC may ask parents and spectators who breach this code to leave the pitch side.  Persistent or serious breaches of this policy may result in your child being asked to leave the Club.

CJHC encourages all parents and spectators to watch the NSPCC’s short video It's our game not yours.

If you have any queries regarding this Code of Conduct please contact the Club’s Welfare Officer.